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SOUNDS 16/03/1991, by Tommy Udo
Phil Shöenfelt And The Spirit House - Islington Powerhaus

This is the fifth or sixth gig that ex-Adult Net guitarist Phil has played with his new band The Spirit House - prior to this, his performances have been spartan affairs using just tapes or guitar.

He's also playing new material tonight and very promising it is too. The sound has really moved on from last year's 'Backwoods Crucifixion' which was much more European in feel. This is a bigger sound, at times verging on a '60s West Coast vibe, with the newie 'River Of Light' in particular recalling some of Arthur Lee and Love's heavier moments.

This is great hard rock (in the proper sense of the word). There were a few moments that just jarred right through - guitars with attitude. And Phil's voice is well suited to this dark sound, reminiscent of the sadly missed Jackie Leven of the now obscure (but brilliant) Doll By Doll.

They closed with 'Garden Of Eden' to a polite rather than enthusiastic reception from what was basically a Crime & The City Solution audience. But with a few more gigs behind them and a more conclusive venue, Phil Shöenfelt And The Spirit House could seriously blow you away.


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