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2024 Fuego (D)  Cat.No. 3707


Come Along With Me
Blindest Love
Caroline Says II
Road Of No Return

Phil Shoenfelt vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass guitar, drums (track 3)
Jarda Kvasnička
drums (tracks 1, 2, 4)

"Come Along With Me" (lyrics: Volker Regner, Anna-Lisa Schulig, Phil Shoenfelt / music: Volker Regner, Phil Shoenfelt)
"Blindest Love" (lyrics: Roland Popp / music: Roland Popp, Frederico Cunha, Matt Howden, Paulo Romao, Carlos Antonio Santos, Pedro Temporao)
"Caroline Says II" (lyrics & music: Lou Reed)
"Road Of No Return" (lyrics & music: Phil Shoenfelt)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Šatra at Stereo Mysterio, Prague, Czech Republic

Track 2 “Blindest Love” will be included on the Raindogs Tribute CD "Cães Danados – Raindogs Cover Songs” (ANTI-DEMOS-CRACIA/Camouflage Records)

Cover artwork by FUEGO / Friedel Muders

Press Release
A four-song online EP will be released on 19th April, 2024, by Fuego. The title is: CAROLINE SAYS … AND MORE and includes two cover versions, a collaboration and an original. The dominant theme could be described as romantically obsessive, even emotionally masochistic love, leading at some point to disillusion, madness and at the extreme end of the spectrum, physical violence.

Track 1 is a collaboration with Volker Regner and Anna-Lisa Schulig called “Come Along With Me”, a moody, atmospheric piece that lyrically emotes the joy and euphoria of a new love affair, while at the same time hinting at the melancholic ending to come.

Track 2 is a cover version of “Blindest Love” by Roland Popp and Raindogs. Here, we can see the euphoria of first love continuing, even while the narrator knows that his lady love is cheating on him. Phil’s version of this classic indie pop song will be included on the Raindogs compilation CD, CÃES DANADOS, which has been getting substantial radio play in Portugal.

Growing ever darker, the EP continues with an atmospheric version of “Caroline Says II” from the Lou Reed album Berlin. Here, masochistic and obsessive love degenerates into physical violence, with the classic opening lines: Caroline Says / As she gets up off the floor / Why is it that you beat me / It isn’t any fun. The track sees Phil making his debut on drums, as well as playing acoustic and electric guitars, bass and keyboards.

The final track, “Road Of No Return” features the incredible drumming of Jarda Kvasnička from Southern Cross and sees Phil making a rare foray into socio-political commentary – the first time, in fact, that he has done this since Khmer Rouge folded in 1986. The lyrics are non-specific, and the conflicts alluded to could be anywhere in the world. The atrocities carried out could be by any terrorist group or army of any nation or region. The point is to recognize that the world is gradually being enveloped by regional conflicts that are spreading into ever-wider confrontations, fuelled by monetary, religious, ethnic and territorial disputes. In effect, it’s like World War Three happening in slow motion. The song bemoans the brutality and lack of compassion on all sides. But probably it’s been like this ever since the human race crawled out of the primordial swamp. Genghis Khan wasn’t a very compassionate guy either…



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