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Iggy Pop
photo (c) Natalie Schlossman

Iggy in Ann Arbor April 2011
Ron Ashton tribute show
photo (c) Natalie Schlossman

"Mr Blue" Phil Shoenfelt & Southhern Cross
@ Otto's Shrunken Head NYC 15.5.2011
photo (c) Natalie Schlossman

We are all really sad to hear the news about Natalie Schlossman's passing. Natalie Schlossman - otherwise known as Natalie Stoogeling - was a genius photographer who grew up in Philadelphia and was an early champion of the MC5 and The Stooges. Somebody once called her "the first Stoogette", and when she was about seventeen years old she would travel around between Philly, Detroit and New York to catch as many Stooges gigs as possible.
She started the Stooges fan club and put out a Stogges newsletter called Popped (which she typed and xeroxed herself), as well as taking loads of brilliant photos of Iggy and the guys. She also recorded many early Stooges concerts while standing in the audience with a hand-held tape recorder. Later she gave the cassettes to Ron Asheton and many tracks later ended up on bootlegs and semi-official releases. The UK label Easy Action (Easy Action released the PS & SC CD in 2010) asked her to write liner notes for a Stooges compilation, and also published her photos, live cassette recordings and every edition of the newsletter in a beautifully presented collection called Popped. We met Natalie in 2011 when we played at the Bowery Electric in New York, and again in 2012 when she came to our show at the Delancey. She also took photos of our wild gig at Otto's Shrunken Head on East 14th Street, one of which ("Mr. Blue") you can see right here. Also included is a photo of Iggy Pop that Natalie took way-back-when, and one from the Ron Asheton tribute concert in Ann Arbor in 2011. We hung out with Natalie and her friend Debbie at several bars and gigs in NYC in 2011 and 2012. As well as being a brilliant photographer, she was a warm-hearted and generous human being, a truly nice lady.

Here is a great interview with Natalie that Danny Fields did for Please Kill Me. Highly recommended and very informative, if you want to read it: 

Natalie Schlossman a.k.a. Natalie Stoogeling R.I.P.
Have a safe journey to the other side.
Phil Shoenfelt, Prague 17/1/2022