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written by Phil Shoenfelt, September 2020
The Universe, or let’s say the Cosmos, is a Gigantic, Swollen Narcissist, light years away from our present understanding, though it seems that in the last hundred years we have been learning at exponential speed. Or at least the physicists, mathematicians and chemists have. The majority of the human race remains mired in soma. Meanwhile, the Cosmos waits patiently for the human race (or the inhuman race) to develop intellectually, aesthetically and spiritually to the point where Creation can be understood and worshipped for what it truly is. Not worshipped with blind faith, as with religion; not accessed intuitively, as with magic; but perceived with complete, scientific understanding of both the physical and non-physical construct, together with full appreciation of the aesthetic and spiritual achievements which are implicit and explicit throughout; that is, woven within and throughout the inter-dimensional physical construct. For this appreciation and adoration to take place, the Narcissistic Cosmositor needs a mirror in which to see its own reflection – in other words, it needs a super-race of giga-intelligent beings in whose minds it can see reflected an intellectual and aesthetic understanding of ITSELF, knowing that what it is seeing reflected back is accurate and pure, with neither flaw nor distortion: a mirror made from the highest quality glass, a mirror without flecks or irregularities. The Great Narcissist may have to wait millions or even billions of years before it can see itself reflected in such a mirror, but it has infinite patience. Finally, when a race, human or otherwise, has achieved a complete understanding of the physics, mechanics and transcendent complexities of the Universe, and when it has uttered a silent, unified, telepathically transmitted WOW! INCREDIBLE! FANTASTIC! – only then will the Swollen Narcissistic Instigator (SNI) feel gratified and satisfied, knowing that its work and itself (actually one and the same thing) have been fully appreciated without any of the illusions and misconceptions that until now have distorted the human mind’s powers of perception.  After basking in this Ultimate Adoration for a few nanoseconds, during which time it will narcissistically swell to unimaginably huge proportions, the SNI will turn away from its reflection (unlike the foolish Narcissus of Greek mythology), explode with the force of an octillion atomic bombs, and knowingly collapse itself into an invisible point of light, from where it will restart the game anew by creating itself in a completely different form. New races of beings, whose natures and structures we can only guess at, will be scattered throughout a new googolplex of nodes –  animate, non-animate and inter-animate. It will be the task of the novel nodes to discover and decipher these new configurations (as we humans are still trying to do with the present structures) in order to bring knowledge and understanding to the New Game, while the Great Narcissist waits as it always has waited – keeping the seekers guessing until that last orgasmic moment of total recognition, when the SNI can puff up massively with pride and self-affirmation, like a rock star or a political leader in front of a stadium of fans, before exploding once again and collapsing into pure radiation, thus beginning yet another version of the game.

Dr. Charles Nicefield, Emeritus Professor of Totalitarian Methodology at The Focus On Freedom Institute of Central Europe